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 Dog Training Services

I provide private dog training services directly to your home, catering to clients across Long Island, New York.  My approach emphasizes the importance of the relationship between you and your dog as the cornerstone of effective and long lasting training. Scroll down to see what programs I offer.

Free Phone Consultation

Let's face it: finding the right dog trainer in today's world is no easy task. The explosion of dog training advice across the internet and social media platforms has left many pet owners feeling overwhelmed and confused. With the dog training industry more divided than ever over methods and tools, the crucial discussions that aim to advance the science of animal training unfortunately also make it harder for dog owners to discern the best approach for training their furry friends. The result? Both dogs and their owners end up bearing the brunt of this confusion.


At Conor's Canines LLC, I understand the challenges you're facing. That's why I offer Free Phone Consultations to every potential client. These consultations are an opportunity for me to learn more about your dog's behavior, shed light on what our training programs entail, and address any concerns or questions you might have. I believe that with the right knowledge, you can make an informed decision on the best way to train your dog, alleviating the stress and uncertainty that often accompanies this process.

Please feel free to Contact Me for more info, or complete my Dog Training Inquiry Form today to begin the training process.

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Puppy Training

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My Puppy Training program is meticulously crafted to encompass all vital elements of raising a puppy, focusing not only on essential commands but also on fostering confidence and strengthening the bond between you and your new pet. I offer detailed instructions on how to effectively implement these commands in daily life, alongside practical management techniques to ensure a harmonious household. These sessions are invaluable for any new puppy owner looking to build a lasting, positive relationship with their furry companion.


These lessons include but are not limited too:


  • Raising A Puppy

  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training

  • Dealing With Puppy Biting

  • Engagement Exercises

  • Proper Socialization

  • Intro to Recall

  • Intro to Sit, Down, and Stay

Price per session: $100.00 

Please feel free to Contact Me for more info, or complete my Dog Training Inquiry Form today to begin the training process.

Basic Obedience_edited.png

Basic Obedience

My Basic Obedience program is designed for owners aiming to achieve better control and a deeper connection with their dogs by mastering essential commands and concepts that every dog needs to know. This approach is specifically tailored to ensure that your dog remains responsive to your commands, even in the midst of distractions.


These lessons include but are not limited too:


  • Engagement Exercises

  • Sit, Down, and Stay

  • Place Command

  • Recall

  • Leash Walking

  • Respecting Thresholds

  • Training with Distractions


Price per session: $120.00

Please feel free to Contact Me for more info, or complete my Dog Training Inquiry Form today to begin the training process.

Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification_edited.png

My Behavior Modification program is specially crafted to address difficult habits or behaviors that your dog has developed over time. I understand that dealing with these undesirable behaviors can be a frustrating and difficult journey for any pet owner. Therefore, these sessions are focused on providing you with practical and effective strategies to stop, manage, and control such behaviors as they arise. This approach is aimed at not only alleviating your frustration but also setting your dog on a path to continued success and improvement. 


These behaviors include but are not limited too:


  • Jumping On People

  • Leash Reactivity

  • Stealing Food or Objects 

  • Excessive Pulling On The Leash

  • Excessive Barking

  • Fear Rehab 

  • Separation Anxiety

Price per session: $140.00

Please feel free to Contact Me for more info, or complete my Dog Training Inquiry Form today to begin the training process.

Aggression Rehab

Aggression Rehab_edited.png

Aggression in dogs encompasses a wide spectrum, and it's vital to tailor the training to each dog's individual needs and capabilities. I will be honest and say that not all cases of aggression can be completely "fixed". When a dog shows a tendency to bite, snap, or display other aggressive behaviors, it is a clear indication of their capacity for aggression. This is why trainers often refer to these types of programs as "Rehab"; it's an ongoing, lifelong commitment rather than a quick fix. Remember, dogs are animals with their own set of instinctual behaviors and genetics.


Engaging in the training of a dog with a history of aggression requires a significant undertaking on your part and can be hazardous, depending on the severity of the aggression. Due to these factors, the pricing for these training sessions can vary widely, and you may need to pay upfront for a predetermined number of sessions.

*Dogs with a bite history or are human aggressive may be required to wear a muzzle until I determine it is no longer necessary. 

These behaviors include but are not limited too:​

  • Territorial Aggression

  • Resource Aggression

  • Fear Aggression

  • Aggression Towards Strangers

  • Dog Aggression

Contact Me for Pricing and Scheduling


I accept payments in the form of Cash, Check, Venmo, and Paypal

*Prices can vary depending on your dog's behavior, number of dogs and/or where you are located 




Please fill out my Dog Training Inquiry Form if you are interested in scheduling training for your dog.

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