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Conor Driscoll 


Dog Trainer & Owner

15+ Years Of Animal Experience

    I've been captivated by animals since childhood, a fascination that persists to this day. Looking back, my initial venture into animal training began in 5th grade for a science fair. I hypothesized that I could train my Guinea Pig, Maggie, to ring a bell for a high value treat. The project exceeded expectations, to the point where I had to remove the bell due to Maggie's incessant ringing for treats. This early experiment unknowingly hinted at my future career in animal care.

   I have over 15 years of professional experience working with animals, beginning on my grandfather's farm in New Hampshire, tending to horses, goats, and alpacas. A pivotal challenge was adopting Bug, a thoroughbred horse with a complex personality. Bug initially would attempt to bite anyone near his stall. Interacting with Bug profoundly influenced me, teaching me about the effects of past experiences and genetics on behavior. By the time I left the farm, my relationship with Bug had significantly improved.

    Eight years ago, I moved from New Hampshire to New York, where my passion for animal care deepened. My  education in dog training and behavior began in dog kennels and boarding facilities. I advanced to become the General Manager and Dog Behavior Expert at a Long Island based dog boarding facility. This role provided me with invaluable hands-on experience with various dog breeds, personalities, and temperaments, and exposed me to some fundamental issues within the pet care and training industries.

    Leveraging my lifelong passion and experiences, I founded my own dog training company. I'm committed to offering the latest training methods and personalized care. My learning journey continues; I'm always researching, taking courses, and reading to deepen my understanding of animal behavior. The dogs themselves are phenomenal teachers, often presenting new perspectives just when you think you've seen it all.



Dog Training Assistant

4 Year Old Pit Mix

Mocha, a pitbull mix aged three, was adopted from his previous owner, who had to give him up because he was not a good fit with the family. My first encounter with Mocha happened when he was about 4 to 6 months old at the kennel where I worked. At that time, he would often growl and shy away from me. As a naturally anxious dog, especially around unfamiliar people, Mocha used to take 45 minutes to warm up to a stranger. However, after four years of consistent training, he now takes only 15 minutes. He is a unique blend of Pitbull, German Shepherd, Cattle Dog, and Rottweiler, a mix that imbues him with a strong work ethic and a need for mental stimulation. This combination requires that Mocha has a structured and disciplined environment to lead a happier and less stressful life. 



Dog Training Assistant

5 Year Old Super Mutt

Mia, a four-year-old supermutt, became a part of my family a year ago when we adopted her from her previous owner. When Mia first arrived, she was overweight, untrained, and suffered from separation anxiety.  Mia presents a mix of challenges and rewards, truly testing my dog training skills.  Mia lacked structure, and part of our journey involves correcting certain undesirable behaviors. These habits, formed over four years, are gradually being reshaped. This experience has deepened my understanding of the time and effort needed to alter such behaviors. It also enriches the guidance I offer you, the client, in effectively training your dog for a harmonious home life.  You might be lucky enough to meet Mia.  Mia is my trusted companion when assisting dogs with reactivity problems.  A job that Mia takes very seriously.




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