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Reviews & Testimonials

"Conor is a great trainer. He is calm, patient and knowledgeable. He explains everything so that you understand the how’s and the why’s. I wouldn’t have made it through the first year without him. I highly recommend him."


"Conor taught and showed us, that walks can be enjoyable together! Clarence was a 2 year old sweet,
gentle Irish Setter when he came to me. I have owned, obedience trained and shown Irish Setters for
years but, knew “WE” needed more professional training to help us with his anticipated fears.
I learned quickly that Clarence wasn’t use to cars, trucks, people no mind other colored dogs going by
outside of the home. He hadn’t been walked on a regular leash before. He reacted in panic mode
outside of our home. I learned that walks weren’t going to happen that first week because of his
reaction and was thankful that I had reached out to Conor before he arrived and had a session already
scheduled. I was able to send him videos that I had of Clarence before he arrived here. We both needed a gentle, patient and experienced trainer to overcome his fears and to teach me how
to be a better handler so that we became that team which is so essential. I researched private trainers
and decided on Conor as the man to achieve our goal and was spot on in that decision.
    He loved Clarence and Clarence loves him. Initially he was leery of a tall man with a baseball cap but came around quickly. I knew from experience in the show ring, that dogs many times get scared of hats on people so, this was really important for him to get used to. Conor is patient, calm, loving and extremely knowledgeable about dogs, their behavior and breed specific. He continued to keep re- assessing and adapted the training accordingly for Clarence and you could see that happening. We started off in the back yard training and graduated to the front yard where our major stressors began. Because of Conor’s training methods and dedication we were able to overcome those obstacles head on. Conor even brought over a realistic looking dog to assess and help Clarence with being neutral around other dogs (you can see him in one of Conor’s videos with Conor’s own dog). Neighbors were in awe of the transformation in Clarence before their eyes on our front lawn and sidewalks.
    Clarence knows what “go to place “means and does so enthusiastically. He automatically waits at the top of the stairs until I am down. I no longer look outside to see if any dogs are being walked and am confident that we now have enjoyable walks without him pulling me or worried about other dogs being walked or their behavior. Cars and trucks are no longer an issue. Clarence has become a confident well behave boy thanks to Conor’s patience and expertise along with his unwavering commitment to the Human –Canine bond. When something arose before our next session, I was able to ask Conor what to do. He was that accessible to us. Clarence and I highly recommend Conor for all of your training needs. People who have observed his training at my home and also when we worked outside of a dog park have witnessed the dramatic improvement/ confidence in Clarence have asked him to help their dogs. Conor will be coming back to us again for further advanced training sessions."

- Joan and Clarence Wallace



"There are no words to truly capture Conor’s talent. Conor has changed my entire life. I rescued a Belgian Malinois mix, and it is safe to say we would not be where we are today without Conor. Roo, my dog, was a sweet, gentle puppy until she wasn't. One day she developed severe leash aggression. Roo became so intense I began to worry about what my future looked like. I was afraid to walk my own dog. Could I leave her alone with a dog walker? My parents? A friend? Who would care for my dog while I was at work or traveling etc? Conor quickly turned our world around. Roo went from lunging, snarling, barking, and pulling, to calmly walking through a crowded area full of dogs. Today, we go hiking, we go to breweries, we go for daily walks, we get together with our friends and their dogs, etc. I never thought I would be where I am today without Conor helping me and Roo. Conor is the best for many reasons, but most importantly he is committed and dedicated to each person and each dog he encounters."

-Courtney Sills



“Conor was an absolute lifesaver when it came to helping me and my fiance train our year old labradoodle, Charlie, for a number of things. Unlike other trainers who told us it's too late to assist us with her resource guarding issues, Conor came to the rescue where we are now no longer afraid of grabbing a toy / bone from her possession. Conor not only trained Charlie, but us, in using an e-collar / prong collar which makes walks more enjoyable and less stressful for all of us. He also helped train her to not jump and bark at visitors that come over our house. Along with all of the above, he was patient and made sure every session was worthwhile, as well as ensured the well being of Charlie to make sure she was comfortable with all of his training techniques. We recommend Conor to every dog owner we know that needs help with any type of training and cannot thank him enough for all of his help and support!”

- Christina, Brad, and Charlie


Dakota & Chase

"Conor has been amazing with both of my pups. Chase is your typical stubborn golden and our walks were a job. Conor taught me the skills to become a better handler and cues that Chase needed to understand for us to become a team. Our walks are most enjoyable now. Dakota came to me as an insecure, scared, timid pup. I immediately called for Conor’s help. Conor had patience and gave Dakota the time she needed to blossom into the most amazing loving pup. Conor dedicates his time over and beyond for my pups with a loving manner in which they obey and enjoy his presence. Any question or any doubts I have without hesitation he responds with his expert advice. Thank you Conor for teaching me the tools I need to make my pups the best they can be."

- Jaimie Moriarty




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